Let the past, with the wind

Once the countless times you face appeared, although is blurry. The 

I want to happiness

I want happiness is on a rainy day, I forget to bring my umbrella, 

 Mood diary 

The mood share-attitude towards life

Have a riddle: you smile, it to you to smile; Would you cry, it to you cry-what is this?

People guess: this is a mirror! But the questions on the dry answer: this is life.

For a are surprised! But he to a sentence wonderful kan: pull a long face to see life, life must be shamed, Bright and clear optimistic at life, and life must be sunny.

That makes sense. The riddle of the source, is, "ray French writer, said:" life is like a mirror, you smile, it to you laugh, you cry for it, it to you cry."

Isn't it? How to look at life and, indeed, and the subjective world involved; No sunshine in the heart of the people, certainly will difficult to find the sun shining. No flower heart, will almost certainly hard to find the beautiful flowers.

With open-minded attitude to face the life of tolerance. 

Meet a smile min EnQiu

Meet a smile min EnQiu, this words to say, this is some difficult, but as long

Forgot to bring an umbrella, when I was standing on a roof looking confused the rain in a daze, you carries an umbrella in the rain from coming to me.

The happiness that I want